Hello everyone! Happy holidays! Now that 2013 is coming to a close I feel like I should go ahead with tradition of posting a follow forever and here I am! The picture is super crappy but I whipped it up in like four minutes so I think it looks pretty snazzy for four minutes! I did some gallery surfing to find pictures of people we all love a lot on Tumblr (and it’s missing some I know!! I had to cut a lot of people out to fit under the 1MB limit D:) so I hope it’s okay~ This follow forever is dedicated to ALL of the amazing and lovely and flawless people I’ve met and followed! You make Tumblr a wonderful place and you deserve the world :) I love youuuuuuuu! ♥ And as I usually do on my follow forevers, I COMMAND EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS TO FOLLOW THESE FLAWLESS PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND YOUR LIVES WILL SHINE BRIGHTER EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF THEM!

A: abraxam, abrightredrose, acidflashbacks, amortentiaforenemies, andlionheart, andrew-lincoln, annagunns, anondracomalfoy, aragogs, aryastarks, asheathes, aurordraco

B: beautiful-unfolding, belledearie, bex-chan, bowlegschester, broomstix, buckbeakisback

C: chestiel, companions, cremebunny, crookkshanks, cruciothelights

D: daeneerystargaryen, daleyprophet, darkflights, deadpadfoot, deatheaters, deeply-inside, diarycrux, dlittleone, doomslock, dracocos, dracodormeins, draconis, dragnheartstring

E: elevenponded, evertexstatum, exeters

F: fantasticremus, finiteincantatum-x, flordemort, fuckingdraco, fuckjimkirk, fudgeflies

G: galefray, gershons, girlwithapumpkintattoogrhangers

H: -hungarianhorntail, hellodraco, herwheezy, horcruxs 

I: i-am-lord-trolldemort, iamiweasley, iamnevertheone, icanlovegood, iceinherheart-kissonherlips, imyourtrouble, imsirius, instantremorse, isaidnopeeking, itsharrypotterbitch

J: jamessirius

K: kingsguarding

L: ladysherlock, lazoey, lilopelekai, listenlikespring, lordharrypotter, lukecastellan

M: malfoymannor, malfoysotter, mallfoys, malphoys, mandrakescry, merrymellarks, mirkwoodling, mydraco

N: narcissasmalfoy, nearlyheadlessfinnick, nevillles, noblefighter, normanreeduse, notaqueen

O: odairriere, ofhelias, ohcrucio, ohdear-prongs, ohhelga, ohloki, openthesnitch, ophelies, ourkingweasley

P: padfootmagic, paul-wesleys, pdfoots, podalecki, potentpotions, pragmatique, prongsandpadfoot, protegopatronum, psychadelias, pureblood-

R: remusjohnslupin, riddlemetom, ronaldweasl-y, ronaldweassley, rosereturns

S: samclafs, sandandglass, savehiswheezy, seaboobs, sherpotter, simplypotterheads, sirepotter, siriuslybellatrix, slytheirn, slythinwhore, smaugslock, snaping, snivllus, strydering, sybilltrelawneys

T: thebeautyinwhite, thebeautyofsolitude, thedauntlessleader, thegirlincendio, tomhiddles, trusthim

W: waitingondhr, watsonly, winterkiss, witwereckstein, weaselette, writemudblood

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