Emma outside of David Letterman, Today March 25th.

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Happy 24th Birthday Emma!


Happy Birthday Emma Watson! (April 15th, 1990)

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Happy 24th birthday to the ever so lovely, Emma Watson!

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New from The Sunday Times

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Did you go to parties afterwards? 

Well I had planned, because you know the Vanity Fair party is very exciting and everyone goes and uh, but yeah I got back to my hotel room to change, took the dress off, like got into someone’s coat and ended up just falling asleep in the coat. Someone woke me up and was like, do you want to get changed and go to the party now? I was like nooo, I just kinda wanna stay here, so I just ate pizza and fell asleep and it was actually perfect. 

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Artist: Frank Ocean
Track: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
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